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Connecting Threads Quilting Podcast

Aug 14, 2020

On this episode of the Connecting Threads Podcast, Kate is asking some questions and getting some answers. There are some things that have come up for her that has prevented her from moving forward with her quilt and there are some questions from the Connecting Threads community that Elise and Patrice help answer. From basting and fibers, come learn with Kate.

First up Kate and Elise check in about what they've been working on. Both of them have been working on sewing masks and they are also both working on quilts. Kate asks Elise her big question, "I have the top of my quilt, what do I do next?". Elise gives her personal advice about batting, binding and quilting to walking foots, different types of basting to needles to batting, and more. Elise tells it all. 

Next we meet Chamisa a Textile Designer at Connecting Threads. 

Then Patrice answers some questions that are commonly asked the Connecting Threads Customer Service team, like "What thread count is your fabric"; "Where is your fabric made"; "How do I calculate how much standard width fabric I need to back a quilt?" and more. Patrice also offers up a sneak peek or "spoiler alert" for something coming up for our Connecting Threads Customers. 


Mentioned in this episode: 
Kate's quilt
Walk by by Jacquie Gering
505 Temporary Adhesive for Fabric   
Quilting needles 
Shop all batting
80/20 batting 
Blacking batting 
About Our fabric 

0:00 Kate's introduction
0:37 Kate and Elise chat about what are the next steps in Kate's quilt
19:12 Meeting Chamisa
20:56 Patrice and Kate check in and answer some questions about fabric
35:12 credits